I am a self taught potter with no formal training. I began when my 2 children were very small and we lived on a farm on the Murray River in southern New South Wales. Although isolated from other potters, I was able to phone my mother for advice as she had taken up pottery several years before me. These calls always ended with her saying that if in doubt, then read the "Potters Manual". Which I did, over and over again! So with a lot of persistence and many years of practice, I grew to love of the entire process of making pottery.

My whole family are very artistic, so it was no surprise that I, the least talented of all, was not content with just making a piece of pottery and then simply glazing it to complete the process. I always had the urge to decorate the blank white surface of a pot. So while my pottery is very functional, I have always been able to use that plain white surface as a canvas for decoration. 

My goal is to make and decorate pottery as well as I can, so that people will enjoy looking at, enjoy touching and most of all, enjoy using these pieces in their homes for many years to come.