I am a self taught potter living and working near the town of Port Douglas in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia. I started my pottery journey over 38 years ago when I taught myself to throw pots on an old second hand wheel. Over all  those years I have never stopped learning and I still embrace the challenge of using techniques, both old and new, to enhance the design aspects of the pottery that I make. 

I am rarely content with just making a piece of pottery and then simply glazing it to complete the process. My love of design and decoration takes over when I see the blank surface of a pot. I may carve into the clay while its still leather hard, add handles or feet and use tools and carved woodblocks to create impressions on the surface and rims of vessels. 

When using porcelain or white stoneware I paint designs onto the surface before bisque firing and then glaze them with a clear glaze that enhances both the colour and design. I also enjoy glazing a piece of pottery with white glaze and then painting my designs on the top of that glaze before the final firing.   

My love for blue and white comes from studying the beauty of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Chinese pottery and tiles from centuries past. Wonderful old designs that many pottery artists around the world still use today.

My pottery pieces are food, dishwasher and microwave safe. However I recommend hand washing for longevity.