I am currently taking a break but hope to be back with more blue and white pottery soon.



I am a potter living and working on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. I started my pottery journey over 30 years ago when I taught myself to throw pots on the wheel. Today, I continue to learn and love the different stages involved in creating a piece of pottery. I enjoy working on the potter's wheel, making a one-off piece or sets of bowls and cups and occasionally, hand building at the bench top.

Porcelain is my main choice of clay due to its beautiful white colour and luminosity.  My love for blue and white porcelain designs comes from studying the beauty of ancient blue and white porcelain pieces from centuries past. 

When I am ready to paint my designs, I either do it on a dry pot that has not yet been fired (called greenware) or onto a pot that has been bisque fired to 1000C.

These two methods achieve very different results.

Painting directly onto the greenware gives sharp line work and several coats of underglaze colour can be applied. The pot is bisque fired and then glazed in a clear glaze. Once glaze fired the colour is quite intense.

With the other method, I paint the underglaze lines and designs onto a bisque fired pot that has been dipped into white glaze. This gives much softer linework and a slight blurring of the colour as a result of soaking into the white glaze during firing.   

My pottery is dishwasher safe and the glazes used are food safe.