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I am a potter living and working on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland. I started my pottery journey many years ago while living on our farm on the Murray River in southern New South Wales. Having a young family and being isolated from other potters or pottery groups meant that I had no access to any formal training. With a little help from my mother, who had taken up pottery several years before me and lots of studying "The Potters Manual", I basically had to teach myself with a lot of trial and error involved. Now, over 30 years later, I am still learning and still loving all of the different stages involved when creating a piece of pottery. I enjoy working on the potter's wheel making a one-off piece or sets of bowls or cups and occasionally, hand building at the bench top. Once they are made, I then view my vessels as the canvas for my slip trail work and painting decoration. I focus on the ways in which I can decorate, either directly onto the greenware or in-glazing where the decoration is applied to the surface of the glaze before firing as in the majolica style.  My love for blue and white is heavily influenced by the beauty of Portuguese tiles, European Delftware, Italian majolica and ancient blue and white porcelain pieces from centuries past.